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Web Design Tips


Most of the modern age web surfers are viewing the website in their mobile phones on the go. So, it is a challenging task for the designers to make their design compatible with the mobile browsers. Moreover, the actual need to make the design flexible enough to fit to any types of screens, not just mobile devices. Some specific points need to be noted if you are designing web sites to serve this purpose.

·        Layout for smart phone web pages

There are no specific changes needed to be made while designing pages for smart phones. The majority of the new age Smartphones is using the browsers like Safari, Chrome, or IOS etc. So, once if you have tested your websites for compatibility with these websites, then you can be reassured that it will work properly while opened in mobile phones too using such browsers.

One specific thing to be noted in these cases is that as the small screen devices tend to scale down the pages, it would become difficult for the viewers to read if there are so many columns. Zooming each part of the page and reading the text is not very practical. So, the best design option is to make is one big column with a scroll down text so that it can fix to all screens well.

·        Using Images

The smaller your images are, both in case of image size as well dimensions, the faster and more compatible it may be over the small screens. Image optimization is a good technique to use while doing the web design. A lot of images on your page may look better while viewing on a laptop or big screen device, however it is most of the time a hindrance while viewing on mobile screens. It is also a fact that the cell phone network data users will simply be hesitant to use their net rates just to download a whole lot of images to their device.