john stossel 20/20 – graphic design


Video clip Score: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “john stossel 20/20 – graphic design”

  1. Tyler H

    That’s quite honestly the way to do it if you want to be a pro web

  2. Alma Soto

    Stossel on design….

  3. 200310587

    fuck uuuuuuu,, and poul rand is the best ever hahahaha

  4. casinohijack

    I wish they would have included GD classes in there new 20/20 show on
    stupid americans.

  5. camptrav

    Wait what?……….

  6. beepandbop

    @Kurasuke you need to relax. And this will probably deflate what there is
    of your mind, but I’m not a conservative.

  7. Anti1gnorant

    okay, u ready for it? this has nothing to do with graphical design. This is
    a subliminal message: Paul Rand; Rand Paul. son of Ron paul… his fav
    candidate, and mine as well. this is amazing!!!!! (Well my fav is ron paul,
    but rand would be second to that)

  8. ostrvo

    Bla bla bla…

  9. Abenawaa B

    To each his own. Comic Sans wil be used for whatever situations best suited
    for it. I will never understand what all the hate concerning this font is
    about. If you don’t enjoy the sight of this font- turn your head. If you
    do… then use it when necessary… what is the big deal? I’m sure there
    are more important things to think about where Graphic Design is concerned
    than, how wretched Comic Sans is.. No?

  10. Tony Dunn

    To create a logo a designer has to maybe draw a dozen different designs
    before the final logo is chosen.

  11. lawlzyhavok1

    lololololololol stossel’s a bad ass. Graphic design is even badass….er?

  12. SkyeCloud

    LOL comic sans!!. soooo reminds me of my GD teacher who i bet harassed
    20/20 to make this…. well…at least i’ll just pretend she did……. cuz
    rite now have it deep within’ my mind that that bitch had been blown off
    for once in her life.

  13. MadSinister

    Good God, you people take things too seriously. Learn to sarcasm?
    Seriously? You couldn’t sense it? SERIOUSLY?

  14. beepandbop

    @grenadianmed it’s ok, tell me how you really feel.

  15. speaker00001

    LOL it cracks me up when people advertise “Custom Logo Design”. If your a
    graphic designer… please dont recycle your logos.

  16. TheOceanarium

    Oh ignorance.

  17. Ashton Gibson


  18. blackknight101st

    lololol comic sans

  19. Oyaji291

    @sniper6081 This video is the reason I love Stossel. :D

  20. Erik Muusse

    haha so true! never use comic sans

  21. Dan H

    I wish another wrestler would slap this bitch’s mustache off.

  22. EGarrett01

    Just Stossel being a dick. lol.

  23. ryuslayer

    So mankind is better off when it didn’t have toilets?

  24. Daayn Reglian

    Everyone needs graphic design 20/20 wouldn’t have it’s fucking fancy
    graphics or logos without them so this guy needs to get his shit straight

  25. Dustin Peterson

    If the Bible was written in Comic Sans, would you read it?